Tea Party Rally - December 5, 2012
Bruce Bellott sings at the Tea Party Rally
A speaker addresses the Tea Party rally
Tea Party supporters from across the state assemble in front of the state capitol in opposition to a state controlled federal health care system as part of the Affordable Care Act.

 EDITOR'S PICK  Hostess Brands Closes - November 20, 2012
Matt Dial looks out into the Hostess parking lot
Patricia checks out a customer a the retail outletPatricia checks out a customer a the retail outlet
The shut down of Hostess Brands Inc. terminates 26 jobs leaving ex-employees Matt and Patricia with the final task of closing down Nashville's distribution center and discount retail outlet.

Mosque Grand Opening - November 18, 2012
Priest addresses the congregation
Leader speaks about struggle
Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez of the United States Civil Rights Division speaks out about the importance of justice and peace at the grand opening of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro to a diverse community of Middle Tennesseans in support of religious freedom.

Oasis Center - November 7, 2012
Teaching artist speaks to the children
Boy plays with art supplies
At the Oasis Center, a group of middle-schoolers construct an art project addressing gang violence in their neighborhoods.

Election Day - November 6, 2012
Remziya and Drost watch the elections
JUMP speaks about the upcoming year
On Election Day, Mercedes González provides voter information to Tennessee's immigrants and refugees by phone. Members of the Muslim community watch the election results at the Islamic Center of Tennessee, while teens from JUMP (Jóvenes para Un Mejor Presente) -- a program focusing on undocumented youths -- discuss possible goals for next year.

Getting Out The Vote - November 5, 2012
Immigrants listen to information about voting
Stephanie and Mercedes get out the vote
The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition's Stephanie Teatro and Mercedes González knock on the doors of immigrants and refugees to help explain the voting process as some citizens express excitement about voting for the first time.

 EDITOR'S PICK  Church Street Park - October 17, 2012
Lenore and Benard attend a Goodwill computing class
Benard talking about looking for a job
Licensed massage therapist, Eva, offers free foot massages and housing advice at the bustling downtown park off Church Street. Meanwhile, Lenore and Bernard prepare breakfast and navigate their job search before attending a career preparation class at Goodwill.

Occupy Anniversary - October 8, 2012
Trip speaks about Green Street Church
Chris listens to housing solutions
Members of Occupy Nashville gather to celebrate a one year anniversary at the Legislative Plaza, and to discuss topics concerning housing justice.

 EDITOR'S PICK  All American 400 - October 4, 2012
Chaz receives his trophy for winning
The Chaffins watch Chaz race
Nearing the end of the 2012 racing season, Chaz and Chase Chaffin compete in their respective racing divisions at the historic All American 400 at the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway.

Vanderbilt Dining Workers - October 1, 2012
Vanderbilt dining workers listening to a speech
A Vanderbilt dining worker giving a speech
Anne, a Vanderbilt dining worker, voices concern about the financial situation of Vanderbilt's dining workers at a student-led meeting on Vanderbilt's campus.

Street Photograph "A Good Family Picture" - September 1, 2012
Abby Roach approaches Guitar Mike
Nashville Street Performer

Abby Roach and Jimbo of the street band, Free Dirt, set out on Broadway to gather Nashville's downtown street performers for a group photograph.

Murfreesboro Mosque - July 8, 2012
Remizya speaks to a state representative about the needs of the Muslim community.
A girl plays at a community picnic in support of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.
Hundreds of people from around the state convene in Murfreesboro to show their support for the construction of the new Islamic Center, as the Muslim community continues to address legal setbacks in obtaining a certificate of occupancy.