Jews and Muslims Meet - October 27, 2013
Getting off the bus and greeting
Jews arrive at the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro
Jews and Muslims share a meal after a conversation between Rabbi Mark Schiftan and Imam Ossama Bahloul about putting aside thier differences in favor of building relationships and strengthening community.

American Renaissance Conference - April 5, 2013
Richard Spencer conversing at the conference
A protestor's sign of Jared Taylor
The self-described "race realist" publication, American Renaissance (AmRen), hosts its 11th conference and its 2nd at Montgomery Bell State Park outside of Nashville. The event attracts approximately 150 conferees from around the country including writers, speakers and historians to discuss topics such as white interest, race, immigration, and secession. The group Coalition To Shut Down AmRen protests the conference with accusations of racism, fascism, and white supremacy.

Deportation Proceedings - March 6, 2013
Homeland Security office in Nashville Tennessee
Fanny kisses her husband goodbye.
Fani Gonzalez prepares for a follow-up appointment with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) wing of the Department of Homeland Security in regards to a previous detainment during a stop caused by a traffic violation. During the previous detainment, Gonzalez signed a voluntary departure agreement -- the terms of which, she says, she did not understand at the time of signing -- requiring proof of transportation to exit the United States.

Homeless Funeral Procession - January 18, 2013
Homeless advocate speaks at commission
Director Will Connelly at the commission
In response to Jimmy Fulmer's death, affordable housing advocates lead a funeral procession from Church Street Park to the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission where a new director is taking the reigns of the task force.